Manos Silk Blend Fino 100g

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The beautiful Silk Blend Fino yarn is now being sent out in 100g hanks. As we get the new sized hanks in we will add the shades here. The other difference with the old style Fino is that they are no longer rehanking the yarn after it is dyed, so it looks different in the hank because it has patches of dye rather than being mixed up. There is no difference once it is knitted up, or in the way it's dyed, just how it is presented.

This yarn has a beautiful sheen and incredible depth of colour. The new Fino range is the same yarn as the popular Manos Silk Blend but in a 4ply weight perfect for lace shawls and light garments. The 100g hanks have 450m in them, plenty for a good sized shawl. This is a hand-dyed product so the usual caveats about buying enough to finish your project and alternating two hanks while you knit to minimise the variations in colour apply. This yarn was hand dyed in Uruguay by a women's co-operative. Each hank is signed by the women who made it.

Additional product information

Type 4 ply
Weight 100 grammes
Tension 24-28 sts per 10cm
Yardage 490 yards/450 metres
Content 30% silk 70% extrafine merino
Vegan No
Washing Hand Wash in cold water, dry flat
Needles 3 - 3.5mm

Product variations
Manos colour name: 9999:Violets
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 6881:Jewel
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 9695:Abalone
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 6362:Rust
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 6422:Flame
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 7292:Stellar
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 9237:Bramble
£18.95 *
2340:Watered Silk
Manos colour name: 2340:Watered Silk
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 2620:Corsage
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 402:Inkwell
£18.95 *
405:Peacock Plume
Manos colour name: 405:Peacock Plume
£18.95 *
419:Brass Button
Manos colour name: 419:Brass Button
£18.95 *
415:Silver Tea Set
Manos colour name: 415:Silver Tea Set
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 425:Fascinator
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 426:Damask
£18.95 *
414:Ivory Letter Opener
Manos colour name: 414:Ivory Letter Opener
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 427:Mourning
£18.95 *
416:Amethyst Earring
Manos colour name: 416:Amethyst Earring
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 430:Filigree
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 438:Poison
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 436:Porcelain
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 7056:Autumn
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 5000:Cincuenta
£18.95 *
Manos colour name: 410:Pocketwatch
£18.95 *
444:Topsy Turvey
Manos colour name: 444:Topsy Turvey
£18.95 *

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