KnitPro Zing 15cm DPNs

KnitPro Zing 15cm DPNs

Product no.: KnitPro_ZingDPN:15

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Colourful brushed aluminium double pointed needles with smooth, sharp tips. Each set comprises 5 needles all of the same colour, each size is a different colour. This makes it easy to spot needles of the same size although the sizes are also etched on the needles. These come in a range of sizes from 2mm to 6mm. These needles are lovely to knit with, the brushed aluminium gives a warm feel and is nice and grippy, while the tips are smooth and slippy.

Additional product information

Needle type Double Pointed Needles
Material Aluminium
Length 15cm

Selection: KnitPro Zing 15cm DPNs

Product no. Diameter Price
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15 2mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0002 2.25mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0003 2.5mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0004 2.75mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0005 3mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0006 3.25mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0007 3.5mm diameter £4.40 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0008 3.75mm diameter £4.60 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0009 4mm diameter £4.60 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0010 4.5mm diameter £4.60 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0011 5mm diameter £4.60 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0012 5.5mm diameter £4.90 *
KnitPro_ZingDPN:15-0013 6mm diameter £4.90 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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