KnitPro Nova Cubics Straight 30cm

KnitPro Nova Cubics Straight 30cm

Product no.: KnitPro_NC_SP

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The square cross-section of these needles makes them easier to grip so are easier on your hands and joints. They also help with getting an even tension. The Nova metal finish is very smooth and tapered points makes for effortless knitting.

Selection: KnitPro Nova Cubics Straight 30cm

Product no. Diameter Price
KnitPro_NC_SP 2mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0003 2.5mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0005 3mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0006 3.25mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0007 3.5mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0008 3.75mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0009 4mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0010 4.5mm diameter £5.15 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0011 5mm diameter £5.99 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0012 5.5mm diameter £5.99 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0013 6mm diameter £5.99 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0014 6.5mm diameter £6.75 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0015 7mm diameter £6.75 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0016 7.5mm diameter £7.10 *
KnitPro_NC_SP-0017 8mm diameter £7.10 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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