KnitPro Karbonz 20cm DPNs

KnitPro Karbonz 20cm DPNs

Product no.: KnitPro_K_DPN:20

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Lightweight carbon fibre double pointed needles with sharp metal tips. These strong needles are especially suited to the smaller sizes that are too fragile in wood. The carbon fibre is grippy and the tips are wonderfully smooth. 

Additional product information

Needle type Double Pointed
Material Carbon Fibre
Length 20cm

Selection: KnitPro Karbonz 20cm DPNs

Product no. Diameter Price
KnitPro_K_DPN:20 2mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0002 2.25mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0003 2.5mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0004 2.75mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0005 3mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0006 3.25mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0007 3.5mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0008 3.75mm diameter £8.40 *
KnitPro_K_DPN:20-0009 4mm diameter £9.99 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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