KnitPro Wooden Cubics Single Point 25cm

KnitPro Wooden Cubics Single Point 25cm

Product no.: KnitPro_Cub_SP:25

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Cubics are lovely to use, they are supposed to be better for anyone suffering from arthritis as they are easier to grip, and they can create a more even tension. These single point needles are made from laminated hard wood and have a smooth surface and sharp points.

Additional product information

Needle type Single Pointed straight needles
Material Wood
Length 25cm

Selection: KnitPro Wooden Cubics Single Point 25cm

Product no. Diameter Price
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25 3.5mm diameter £6.75 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0002 4mm diameter £6.75 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0003 4.5mm diameter £6.75 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0004 5mm diameter £7.99 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0005 5.5mm diameter £7.99 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0006 6mm diameter £7.99 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0007 6.5mm diameter £10.75 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0008 7mm diameter £10.75 *
KnitPro_Cub_SP:25-0009 8mm diameter £10.75 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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