Knitpro Symfonie wood Single point needle: 30cm

Knitpro Symfonie wood Single point needle: 30cm

Product no.: KP_SW_SP:30-01 (Diameter: 3mm diameter)

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All Knitpro Symfonie Wood needles come with sharp, tapered tips and are available in extremely attractive colour combination. The needles are lightweight for hours of comfortable use yet exceptionally strong & durable. The lustrous wood surface is designed to provide more grasp to easily cope with slick yarns like angora and mohair. These truly are a knitter's best companion as the smooth surface allows for hours of convenient knitting while the Symfonie wood provides that much needed warmth to your hands.

Additional product information

Needle type Single point
Category Single point
Material Wood
Length 30cm
Diameter 3mm diameter

Selection: Knitpro Symfonie wood Single point needle: 30cm

Product no. Diameter Price
KP_SW_SP:30-01 3mm diameter £6.60 *
KP_SW_SP:30-02 3.5mm diameter £6.60 *
KP_SW_SP:30-03 3.75mm diameter £6.60 *
KP_SW_SP:30-04 4mm diameter £6.60 *
KP_SW_SP:30-05 4.5mm diameter £6.60 *
KP_SW_SP:30-06 5mm diameter £7.75 *
KP_SW_SP:30-07 5.5mm diameter £7.75 *
KP_SW_SP:30-08 6mm diameter £7.75 *
KP_SW_SP:30-09 6.5mm diameter £9.90 *
KP_SW_SP:30-10 7mm diameter £9.90 *
KP_SW_SP:30-11 8mm diameter £9.90 *
KP_SW_SP:30-12 9mm diameter £12.00 *
KP_SW_SP:30-13 10mm diameter £12.00 *
KP_SW_SP:30-14 3.25mm diameter £6.60 *
KP_SW_SP:30-15 12mm diameter £14.00 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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