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These kits are donated directly to the Crisis charity in Edinburgh. Offer a little bit of comfort to someone in need this winter. These 'learn to crochet kits' contain 100g of yarn - either chunky wool blend for a hat/cowl or cotton for dishcloths, a hook of the appropriate size, a darning needle and instructions in how to get started in crochet. The winter is going to be particularly hard for homeless people this year. As well as offering shelter and food, this year Crisis wanted to do something to help with mental wellbeing. These kits will be collected by a Crisis representative as part of 'Operation Christmas Stocking' at the beginning of December so there are no postage costs - if you are ordering a kit for donation and no additional items for yourself then please select the 'Charity donation' postage option at checkout. If you are adding this to an order for other items then please select the appropriate postage for sending to yourself, the cost of this kit can be added to the order total for the free postage limit of £45.00. The kit will then go straight to the charity and your other items can be posted to you.

Wee County Yarns will be donating some of these kits ourselves, with your help we can do a little bit more. As crafters we understand the mental health benefits of what we do, over the last few months we have heard from so many customers for whom knitting or crochet has been a lifeline during this pandemic. 

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