MadeByMima Circular Needle Hanger

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These exclusive needle hangers are hand made in the Wee County by Mima from printed linen. You slip the circular needle through the slots in the fabric so they hang down straight and don't get kinked. You can customise the labels to your requirements and you don't have to try and squint at the numbers on the cable or search for your needle gauge to find the right one. Available in a variety of fabrics.

Product variations
Blue Pheasant
Colour: Blue Pheasant
£16.50 *
Blue Flowers
Colour: Blue Flowers
£16.50 *
Big Floral
Colour: Big Floral
£16.50 *
Black Leaves
Colour: Black Leaves
£16.50 *
Black Lines
Colour: Black Lines
£16.50 *
Gold Geometric
Colour: Gold Geometric
£16.50 *
Grey Leaves
Colour: Grey Leaves
£16.50 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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