Sock Wonders

Sock Wonders

Product no.: Addi_Wonder

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Short circulars for socks have many benefits, you don't have to battle loops of cable, or lots of points, and your knitting isn't interupted by changing needles. You also can't lose a needle half way through a sock! But they can also be fiddly. These Sock Wonders are 25cm circulars that have one longer needle, to allow you better control with the 'working needle'.

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Needle type Circular
Material Metal
Length 25cm

Selection: Sock Wonders

Product no. Diameter Price
Addi_Wonder-0001 2mm diameter £4.75 *
Addi_Wonder-0002 2.5mm diameter £4.75 *
Addi_Wonder-0003 3mm diameter £4.75 *
Addi_Wonder-0004 3.25mm diameter £4.75 *
Addi_Wonder-0005 3.5mm diameter £4.75 *
Addi_Wonder-0006 3.75mm diameter £5.50 *
Addi_Wonder-0007 4mm diameter £5.50 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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