Crazy Trios

Crazy Trios

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Crazy Trios are a great new way to knit socks. If you aren't comfortable battling the spiky octopus of DPNs, and get tangled up with magic loop then try these. The stitches sit on two flexible needles and you knit round with the third. It's a combination of double pointed needles and circular needles, you get a longer needle to knit with than a short circular, and no big loops of cable. You can also knit the fingers of gloves and right down to the toe with these.

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Product no. Diameter Price
Addi_Crazy-0001 2mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0002 2.25mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0003 2.5mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0004 2.75mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0005 3mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0006 3.25mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0007 3.5mm diameter £13.95 *
Addi_Crazy-0008 3.75mm diameter £14.50 *
Addi_Crazy-0009 4mm diameter £14.50 *
Addi_Crazy-0010 4.5mm diameter £14.50 *
Addi_Crazy-0011 5mm diameter £14.50 *

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