Addi Metal Fixed Circulars 80cm

Addi Metal Fixed Circulars 80cm

Product no.: Addi_Circ_80

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Addi's circular needles benefit from 186 years of manufacturing experience. This means premium products with perfect connections, flexible cords and smooth light tips. These circular needles have brass tips and gold cords. These needles are lovely to use, flexible cords and smooth joins. If you would like sharper points then we have the Addi Lace circular needles. If you need larger sizes of these needles or different lengths then we can order these in.

Additional product information

Needle type Circular
Material Metal
Length 80cm

Selection: Addi Metal Fixed Circulars 80cm

Product no. Diameter Price
Addi_Circ_80-0018 1.5mm diameter £5.75 *
Addi_Circ_80 1.75mm diameter £5.75 *
Addi_Circ_80-0002 2mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0003 2.25mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0004 2.5mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0005 2.75mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0006 3mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0007 3.25mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0008 3.5mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0009 3.75mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0010 4mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0011 4.5mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0012 5mm diameter £4.50 *
Addi_Circ_80-0013 5.5mm diameter £5.75 *
Addi_Circ_80-0014 6mm diameter £5.75 *
Addi_Circ_80-0017 6.5mm diameter £5.75 *
Addi_Circ_80-0015 7mm diameter £5.75 *
Addi_Circ_80-0016 8mm diameter £6.50 *

Prices incl. VAT, please see our delivery charges

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