Double knit

A very popular and versatile weight of yarn.

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A value 100% acrylic DK yarn in 100g balls.

£1.99 *
Product no.: King_MB_DK

Anti tickle 100% Pure New Superwash Wool.

£2.95 *

A classic from Patons.

£2.95 *
Product no.: Row_FT_DK

Rowan Felted Tweed DK: 50% Merino, 25% alpaca, 25% viscose

£6.15 *

100g balls of 50% cotton, 50% bamboo in bright, summery colours.

£4.50 *

100g balls of pure mercerised cotton in solid and printed shades

£3.85 *
Product no.: King_Riot_DK

Riot is a gorgeously soft self-striping yarn with 30% wool in a lovely grown-up range of colourways

£4.15 *
Product no.: King_Gal

A brilliantly sparkly soft wool blend yarn with sequins spun into it. 50 gramme balls.

RRP: £3.40
£3.00 *
A wonderfully soft pure cotton yarn in 100g balls
£3.99 *

A pure wool yarn in 50g balls, very smooth and soft and machine washable.

RRP: £4.80
£3.50 *
Colourful soft acrylic DK yarn in 100g balls


£3.55 *
Product no.: Manos_SB_50

Beautiful hand-dyed yarn in 50g hanks. 30% silk, 70% wool.

£9.50 *
Product no.: Wen_SilkCot

Slubby, textured 80% Cotton 20% silk DK yarn in 100g balls 

£5.50 *
Product no.: Adr_KnitCol

Pure wool self striping jacquard effect yarn. Knits as a DK. 50g balls.

£4.25 *
Product no.: WYS_UndyedDK

Natural, undyed British yarn from Bluefaced Leicesters, Wensleydale and Jacob in a variety of natural colours. DK, 100g hanks.

£6.50 *
Product no.: Adr_SierAnd

Pure alpaca DK yarn in 50g balls.

£6.50 *
Product no.: WYS_Gems_DK

Beautiful british single breed DK in 100g hanks

£8.50 *
Product no.: Row_SYak

Soft chainette construction cotton/yak/nylon blend DK yarn in 50g balls

£7.30 *
Product no.: Cyg_SupDK

Pure wool superwash DK in 50g balls - the name says it all!

£2.50 *
Product no.: Adr_Woca

DK weight 70% wool 30% hemp yarn in 50g balls

£4.90 *
Product no.: WYS_CL_DK

British pure wool DK in 100g balls, solid and self-striping colours.

£6.50 *
Product no.: Row_Sup_W

100g balls of pure wool superwash in a worsted weight.

£7.75 *
Product no.: King_Truf

Wonderfully soft fleecy-type yarn in 100g balls

£4.00 *
Product no.: King_Drift

A soft blend of cotton and acrylic with a touch of wool. 100g balls

£4.50 *

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