By weight

Your choice of yarn weight may be determined by several factors, such as what the pattern calls for, what you have in your stash, how quickly you want to knit, or what you are most comfortable using. Not all yarns knit to standard tensions but we have tried to group them into the nearest bracket. If you are a diligent knitter you will always make up a tension swatch before you start, which is a very good idea if you are substituting a different yarn in a pattern. However, many of us will just wing it with equally good results! We stock yarns and patterns for yarns from 2ply up to mega chunky.

Different countries use different terms for the weights of yarns which can be confusing. The proper way of comparing yarns is by looking at their wraps per inch (WPI) but this can be difficult to work out and isn't usually stated on the ball band. Generally the following terms are interchangable, but please check the stated tension.

UK term Stiches per 10cm US Term Aus Term AKA
2ply 36 Lace weight
3ply 32 Light fingering weight Sock
4ply 28 Fingering weight Sock / Jumper weight
5ply/Light DK 26 Sport weight Guernsey
DK 22 Light worsted 8ply
Aran 18 Worsted 10ply or 12ply
Chunky 14 Bulky 14ply
Mega Chunky Less than 14 Super Bulky