Wool blend yarns

Wool blend yarns

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A great value 30% wool, 70% premium acrylic yarn.

£3.25 *

A classic from Patons.

£2.95 *

A classic from Patons.

£2.95 *
Product no.: Row_FT_DK

Rowan Felted Tweed DK: 50% Merino, 25% alpaca, 25% viscose

£6.15 *
Product no.: Reg_4

A range of solid colours of 4ply yarn which is 75% superwash wool and 25% polyamide.

£3.75 *
Product no.: Reg_4_Col

A 75% wool, 25% nylon self-patterning yarn that is great for socks and comes in a range of beautiful colourways.

£4.15 *
Product no.: King_Riot_DK

Riot is a gorgeously soft self-striping yarn with 30% wool in a lovely grown-up range of colourways

£4.15 *
A beautiful variagated sock yarn in 50g balls with colourways designed by Erika Knight.
£4.10 *
Product no.: Row_FL

A soft 80% alpaca 20% wool 2ply yarn in gentle colours which will show the stitches up beautifully.

£7.25 *
Product no.: King_Gal

A brilliantly sparkly soft wool blend yarn with sequins spun into it. 50 gramme balls.

RRP: £3.40
£3.00 *
Roam and Roam Fusion:A lovely hard-wearing sock yarn in 100g balls with 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon in solid and variagated shades.
RRP: £7.50
£3.50 *

A soft sport (light DK) weight baby yarn in 50g balls

RRP: £4.95
£3.50 *
A lovely wool blend hand dyed sock yarn in 100g hanks with free sock pattern
£7.25 *
Product no.: Cyg_WR_4
Great value 75% wool 4ply yarn in solid colours. 50g balls.


£2.25 *
Product no.: Manos_SB_50

Beautiful hand-dyed yarn in 50g hanks. 30% silk, 70% wool.

£8.95 *
Product no.: King_ZZ_New

New version of the excellent sock yarn from King Cole, now with 75% wool. Free sock pattern sent with order.

£5.25 *
Product no.: Cyg_GrCh

Soft wool blend yarn in 100g balls and a range of solid shades.

£2.45 *
Product no.: WCY_Chunky

Hand Dyed 100g hanks of Wool/Silk/Mohair blend yarn.

£12.00 *
Product no.: Adr_Cort

Soft, chunky wool/alpaca blend in beautiful, sophisticated colours.

£3.50 *
Product no.: Adr_Calza_Solid

Sturdy wool blend sock yarn in 50g balls. 

£3.10 *
Product no.: Adr_Calza_Multi

Sturdy, wool-blend sock yarn in variegated shades. 50g balls.

£3.45 *
Product no.: WYS_Sig4_Solid

100g balls of British wool/nylon blend sock yarn in solid shades.

£7.00 *
Product no.: WYS_Sig4_Prints

100g balls of British wool/nylon blend sock yarn in printed shades including the 'bird' collection.

£7.00 *
Product no.: WYS_Sig4_CT

100g balls of British wool/nylon blend sock yarn in self-striping 'cocktail' colourways.

£7.00 *
Product no.: Reg_100_Spr

100g balls of colourful self-striping sock yarn

£7.50 *
Product no.: Reg_100_AC

100g balls of self-patterning sock yarn from Scandinavian design team Arne & Carlos

£8.50 *
Product no.: Reg_100_KF

100g balls of self-patterning sock yarn, coloured by Kaffe Fasset.

£8.50 *
Product no.: Reg_100_4

100g balls of 75% wool 4ply sock yarn

£6.95 *
Product no.: Adr_Zeb

Aran weight self-striping yarn in 50g balls, 53% wool 47% acrylic.

£3.65 *
Product no.: Man_Fino_100

Wool/Silk blend hand dyed 4ply yarn in 100g hanks

£17.95 *

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1 - 30 of 44 results