Pure wool yarns

Pure wool yarns

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Product no.: King_MB_4

Anti tickle 100% Pure New Superwash Wool.

£3.35 *
Product no.: King_MB_DK

Anti tickle 100% Pure New Superwash Wool.

£3.25 *
Product no.: King_MB_A

Anti tickle 100% Pure New Superwash Wool.

£2.95 *

100% pure new wool in the traditional 5ply weight used for Guernseys

£4.95 *
Product no.: JCR_Unique

A pure shetland wool yarn in a fabulous range of colours, made in Scotland. 50g balls.

£5.55 *
Product no.: JCR_Sup_4

A lovely pure wool yarn made in Scotland in a range of colours ideal for fairisle.

£5.75 *

Aran weight pure wool yarn in 50g balls - made in Scotland

RRP: £4.00
£3.50 *

Beautiful shades in a lambswool/cashmere blend. 50g balls.

RRP: £5.95
£5.25 *
Product no.: JCR_Mini

Beautiful Scottish yarn in cute little 10g balls, perfect for fairisle projects.


£1.20 *

Packs of 5 10g miniballs in a range of colourways


£6.00 *
Product no.: Arau_Bot

Beautiful hand-dyed pure wool heavy laceweight/3ply yarn in 100g hanks

£11.95 *
Product no.: Adr_KnitCol

Pure wool self striping jacquard effect yarn. Knits as a DK. 50g balls.

£4.25 *
Product no.: WYS_UndyedDK

Natural, undyed British yarn from Bluefaced Leicesters, Wensleydale and Jacob in a variety of natural colours. DK, 100g hanks.

£6.50 *
Product no.: WYS_UndyedAran

Natural, undyed British yarn from single breeds in a variety of natural colours. Aran weight, 100g.

£6.50 *
Product no.: Manos_Mar

Beautiful heavy lacweight hand dyed 100% merino in 100g hanks

£14.95 *
Product no.: WYS_Gems_DK

Beautiful british single breed DK in 100g hanks

£8.50 *
Product no.: DB_FineD

100g balls of Merino/cashmere 4ply tweed

£9.50 *
Product no.: WYS_Croft

Soft 100g hanks of speckle-dyed aran wool

£7.95 *
Product no.: Cyg_SupDK

Pure wool superwash DK in 50g balls - the name says it all!

£2.50 *
Product no.: WCY_Kin4

Soft 100% lambswool in 50g hanks spun by Todd and Duncan of Kinross

£7.95 *
Product no.: WYS_Retreat

Pure British Wool chunky roving in 100g balls

£6.50 *
Product no.: JCR_Gradients

10x10g 4ply Miniball gradient packs

£12.00 *
Product no.: Adr_Genz

Pure extra fine merino wool 4ply in 50g balls

£4.75 *
Product no.: WYS_CL_DK

British pure wool DK in 100g balls, solid and self-striping colours.

£6.50 *
Product no.: Row_Sup_W

100g balls of pure wool superwash in a worsted weight.

£7.75 *
Product no.: WCY_Kin_Rainbow

7x20g miniskeins of Kinross in rainbow colours

£22.00 *
Product no.: JCR_Mini84

84 x 10g JC Rennie miniballs in a sturdy box with a clear lid.

£84.00 *
Product no.: WCY_Kin5

20g miniskeins in 5 different colours - 100g total of beautiful soft lambswool

£16.00 *
Product no.: WCY_KinBaby

Supersoft lambswool 3ply yarn - ideal for lace shawls. Only available in white.

£6.95 *

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