Straight needles

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Knitpro Symfonie wood Single point needle: 30cm length, range of sizes.

£6.60 *

All needles come with sharp, tapered tips

£4.75 *
Brittany Birch Birch Single Point: 36cm
£4.99 *
Prym Plastic Single Point: 35cm sizes 8mm-10mm
£2.95 *
Prym Aluminium Single Point: 35cm
£2.05 *
Prym Bamboo Single Point: 33cm long
£4.20 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_25SP

Carbon Fibre single point knitting needles with metal tips.

£6.75 *
Product no.: KnitPro_NC_SP

Smooth metal finish and square cross-section makes these straight, single point needles effortless to use.

£5.15 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Cub_SP:25

Square cross section single point knitting needles

£6.75 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ZingSP:30

Beautiful brushed aluminium needles with a different colour for each size.

£2.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ZingSP:30set

Set of 8 pairs of Zing aluminium single point 30cm needles in a zipped case

£34.50 *

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