For knitting in the round, ideal for socks

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Knitpro Symfonie wood DPNs: 15cm length, range of sizes.

£5.50 *
Brittany Birch Birch DPNs: 19cm
£4.99 *
Brittany Birch Birch DPNs: 12.5cm
£4.99 *

Prym Plastic DPNs: 20cm long sizes 5.5mm-12mm

£2.95 *

Prym Aluminium DPNs: 20cm long sizes 1.5mm-5mm

£1.75 *

Prym Bamboo DPNs: 20cm long in sizes 2mm-8mm

£4.95 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_DPN:15

Lightweight carbon fibre DPNs with sharp metal points

£8.40 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_DPN:20

Lightweight carbon fibre double pointed needles with sharp metal tips

£8.40 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ZingDPN:15

Colourful brushed aluminium double pointed needles with smooth, sharp tips

£4.40 *
Product no.: Knitpro_ZingDPN:15set

Set of five sizes of double pointed needles (5 needles of each size) 15cm in length including case.

£23.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: KnitPro_KarbonzDPN:15set

Karbonz 15cm double pointed needle set - 5 sizes in a zipped fabric case

£42.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: Addi_Crazy

A new way to knit socks and sleeves, three flexible double pointed needles.

£13.95 *

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