Prym Aluminium Circular: 80cm

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Prym Aluminium Circular: 80cm

Product no.: Prym_Circular:80ali-01 (Diameter: 2mm diameter)

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Prym Aluminium Circular: 80cm length. For larger sizes please see plastic circular needles.

Additional product information

Needle type Circular
Category Circular
Material Aluminium
Length 80cm
Diameter 2mm diameter

Selection: Prym Aluminium Circular: 80cm

Product no. Diameter Status Price
Prym_Circular:80ali-01 2mm diameter
£2.95 *
Prym_Circular:80ali-03 2.5mm diameter £2.95 *
Prym_Circular:80ali-07 3.5mm diameter
£2.95 *
Prym_Circular:80ali-11 5.5mm diameter
£2.95 *
Prym_Circular:80ali-12 6mm diameter £2.95 *
Prym_Circular:80ali-13 7mm diameter
£2.95 *
Prym_Circular:80ali-15 6.5mm diameter
£2.95 *

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