Crochet hooks

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Brittany Birch Birch Crochet Hook
£4.99 *
Prym Aluminium Tunisian: 30cm
£3.16 *
Product no.: Prym_Crochet:14plas

Prym Plastic Crochet: 14cm Sizes 6mm to 10mm

£1.75 *

Prym Aluminium Crochet: 14cm Sizes 2mm to 5mm 

£1.75 *
Prym Bamboo Crochet: 15cm
£3.32 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Waves

Crochet hooks with a smooth aluminium hook and a soft, colourful soft-feel handle.

£2.00 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Waves:set

Set of 9 Waves crochet hooks in a green zipped case

£28.00 *

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