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KnitPro has a huge range of needle sizes and types. If you don't see what you want here then please contact us and we can order them in.

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Highly innovative product – the best available in the market

£3.75 *

All needles come with sharp, tapered tips

£4.75 *

Knitpro Symfonie wood circular needle: 40cm length, range of sizes.

£4.90 *

Knitpro Symfonie wood DPNs: 15cm length, range of sizes.

£5.50 *

Knitpro Symfonie wood Single point needle: 30cm length, range of sizes.

£6.60 *

Symfonie wood interchangeable circular tips

£4.40 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_25SP

Carbon Fibre single point knitting needles with metal tips.

£6.75 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_IC

Needle tips to go with the interchangeable cables (cable sold separately) with carbon fibre shaft and metal tip.

£7.95 *

Flexible, thin cables that are best in their category – with almost no memory

£1.95 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_FC80

80cm Circular needles with light, strong carbon fibre needles and smooth metal tips.

£7.95 *
Product no.: KnitPro_NC_IC

Smooth metal square cross section needle tips for use with the interchangeable cables.

£4.10 *
Product no.: KnitPro_NC_SP

Smooth metal finish and square cross-section makes these straight, single point needles effortless to use.

£5.15 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Waves

Crochet hooks with a smooth aluminium hook and a soft, colourful soft-feel handle.

£2.00 *
Product no.: KnitPro_TapNeedles

Colourful plastic darning/tapestry needles with a bent tip to make them easier to use. 2 small and 2 large in each pack.

£1.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_DPN:15

Lightweight carbon fibre DPNs with sharp metal points

£8.40 *
Product no.: KnitPro_K_DPN:20

Lightweight carbon fibre double pointed needles with sharp metal tips

£8.40 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Cub_SP:25

Square cross section single point knitting needles

£6.75 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ZingSP:30

Beautiful brushed aluminium needles with a different colour for each size.

£2.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ZingDPN:15

Colourful brushed aluminium double pointed needles with smooth, sharp tips

£4.40 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ZingSP:30set

Set of 8 pairs of Zing aluminium single point 30cm needles in a zipped case

£34.50 *
Product no.: Knitpro_ZingDPN:15set

Set of five sizes of double pointed needles (5 needles of each size) 15cm in length including case.

£23.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: Knitpro_KarbonzIC:set

KnitPro Karbonz Interchangeable Circular needle tips starter set - four sizes , three cables and accessories all in a zipped case.

£40.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: KnitPro_KarbonzDPN:15set

Karbonz 15cm double pointed needle set - 5 sizes in a zipped fabric case

£42.00 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: KnitPro_ZingIC

'Normal' length coloured metal interchangeable needle tips.

£4.75 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ColouredCables

Cables for use with interchangeable needle tips, colour coded according to length

£1.95 *

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