The Obsessed

Knitting and crochet are addictive hobbies and some love it so much they are never without yarn in their hands. It may seem difficult to get presents for these people, they seem to have everything to do with their craft already, their spouses may even have threatened divorce if they buy another skein of yarn, but a present of more yarn will go down well, guaranteed. There is no need with this type to buy the pattern and the yarn together. The chances are if you buy a pattern they will have some yarn in their stash that they can use with it, and if you buy yarn they will be able to find an appropriate pattern, or even make one up themselves.

The obsessed knitter/crocheter would probably be more pleased by a small amount of high quality yarn than a large quantity of cheaper yarn (and a large amount of high quality yarn than a small one!). 100g of yarn can make a hat or gloves, 150g can make a scarf, 500g can make a jumper. These amounts are all very general guidelines and the yarn and patterns mean the amounts can vary widely. As a general rule the thicker the yarn, the more you will need. 

West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite Lace and Rowan Fine Lace are very fine yarns and require some experience to use. 50g of laceweight can make a lacy scarf although 100g would be more useful.

Manos Silk Blend is a beautiful yarn and gorgeous to knit with, great for scarfs, shawls and light jumpers. 

Rowan yarns are very popular and therefore ubiquitous, whereas many knitters won’t have come across JC Rennie before, a Scottish company producing high-quality yarns. These yarns are made using traditional methods by a company that has been going since 1798 and have proved very popular, especially the fabulous colours of the 4ply. Check out our adorable JC Rennie Miniballs for even more inspiration! The miniballs are unique to Wee County Yarns, five miniballs will make a variety of projects and we even have free patterns to download. If your recipient is into traditional fair isle or using lots of colours we even have a full set of miniballs available that will make their eyes light up!

And if you want something you can't buy anywhere else we have our own range of hand dyed yarn, and the lovely Caledonia Dyeworks yarn which is dyed just down the road from here!


If you really think someone has too much yarn already (I can assure you, this is unlikely), then how about a lovely set of fancy needles