Gift ideas

It can be very difficult for a non-knitter to buy a knitting-related present. If you don’t knit then the world of yarns, needles and patterns can be confusing. This page is aimed at helping you choose a thoughtful and appropriate present. If you need any further help we are always delighted to answer questions and provide suggestions so please don’t hesitate to email us. You may also find our Glossary of Knitting Terms useful. If chose a gift but get it wrong we always accept returns and offer full refunds or exchanges. And if inspiration still fails, we do Gift vouchers

The Novice

How to buy a present for someone who doesn't knit or crochet but who you think might enjoy it.


This covers anyone who already knits but has the habit under control.

The Obsessed

Knitting and crochet are addictive hobbies and some love it so much they are never without yarn in their hands. It may seem difficult to get presents for these people, they seem to have everything to do with their craft already, their spouses may even have threatened divorce if they buy another skein of yarn but never fear, they really DO want more, we promise!